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The Stargazers! Rock 'n' Roll? Definitely! Swing? Most assuredly! Jazz? Maybe a little, but not enough to hurt you! Welcome to the official website of the Stargazers - England's rockingest, rollingest, swing-jive combo! Yes, nine out of ten parents agree, their rebellious teenage kids go wilder for the Stargazers than for the other leading bands! So if you're looking for rich, meaty rhythms, swimming in juicy, full-fat melodies, topped with a healthy dollop of Brylcreem, well, then you're a very strange person... but you have come to the right place!

The Stargazers! Founding fathers of the Swing-Jive revival almost 25 years ago, and still the "bench-mark" act by which the hundreds of groups populating this ever-expanding scene are measured. The Stargazers are undeniably the hottest exponents of the genre to emerge since the 1950's. From humble backgrounds playing the hard "pub/club" scene of 70's London, this group of individuals formed a new outfit with a sound unlike any other. Sure, it was Rock'n'Roll, but not the primitive crash-bang-wallop Rockabilly hybrid that their audiences were familiar with. This had style, it had finesse. It was a perfect blend of powerhouse vocals, exquisite melodies and hypnotic rhythms. The Stargazers had come up with an astonishingly potent form of Big-Beat, which proved as popular with discerning listeners as it was with the jumpin', jivin', dance-floor animals! The boys were heavily influenced by pre-war Jazz guitar heroes Django Reinhardt and Charlie Christian, plus big R'n'B talents like Louis Jordan, and cross-over "Lounge" artistes such as the brilliant Louis Prima. The biggest influences of all however, were the pioneers of Rock and Roll. Indeed, The Stargazers have worked alongside some of the most important innovators of mid 20th century music. Though justly recognized as the creators of a unique sound, The Stargazers have always been thought of as England's answer to Bill Haley and The Comets. It wasn't long before this talented bunch of young hopefuls came to the attention of Muff Winwood, a former member of the world famous Spencer Davis Group who was working as producer / A&R man, for record industry giants CBS EPIC (SONY). Muff had already discovered Dire Straights, Sparks, Shakin' Stevens, and Paul Young - and when he found The Stargazers, he wasted no time in signing them too. The band promptly set about transferring their new sound to vinyl. Chart success followed almost immediately with guitarist Pete Davenport's instant classic, Groove Baby Groove. This first single was accompanied by a video shot live at prestigious London theatre, The Royalty. Groove' sold 36,000 copies and only a two week postal strike affecting the crucial sales registration count, prevented a top score on the UK hit parade. The next release was a riotous cover of the old Louis Prima favourite, Hey Marie. This time, heavyweight film director Julian Temple was brought in for the video. Temple, already famous for his punk-rock flick, The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle, had the perfect location for The Stargazers. The old Two Eyes club, right in the heart of Soho was a gloriously seedy R&B/Skiffle den back in the 50's and 60's, and couldn't have suited their needs better. Encouraged by his work with The Stargazers, Julian Temple used them again to great effect in his next feature film Absolute Beginners, starring David Bowie. The Stargazers can be seen in a relatively small though significant scene, backing Jazz legend Slim Gailard. Meanwhile, on the live circuit, monster tours were taking place. The Stargazers spent many months on the road with established superstars such as Shakin' Stevens and Elton John, ramming home the Rock'n'Roll message to thousands of people every night. More singles, and a knockout album entitled Watch This Space were to follow, and although this material has often reappeared (both officially and on bootleg releases) original copies are genuine collectables, and command high prices. After a break from recording in the mid eighties, The Stargazers were lured back into the studio by Ted Carroll over at ACE RECORDS and in 1989 they began work on what was to become another classic album, Back In Orbit. It is still selling strongly some 13 years after its initial release. As the eighties rolled into the nineties, things were looking better than ever for The Stargazers. UK and European bookings flooded in, and the band found their legion of fans swollen with a whole new generation of young rockers! The next chapter in The Stargazers story would take them to the other side of the world. It's autumn 1991 and after a great gig at The Mean Fiddler in north London, the chaps were met backstage by Boz Boorer of The Polecats. Boz loved the show and said he wanted to introduce The Stargazers to someone who promoted tours in Japan. With the wheels set in motion, it took little time to establish a healthy working relationship with the VINYL JAPAN label, a union that would prove both enduring and very fruitful. Working closely with Paddy James, Lois Pryce and the V.J. crews in London and Tokyo, an album deal was put together and The Stargazers were flying east for their first tour in the land of the rising sun. The new LP (The Speaking Clock Says Rock) and the tour of Japan were resounding successes, guaranteeing The Stargazers would soon return to the homeland of their new label. Happily, this also meant that the Swing/Jive scene would benefit from a whole stack of fab' new platters. Today, as ever, high profile club, party, festival, TV and radio appearances continue to ensure healthy sales in all record formats. The Stargazers feature the inimitable Dan Brittain on lead vocal, guitar legend Pete Davenport, sax supremo John Wallace and a stunningly powerful rhythm section comprising Tim "Trundle" Purkess on double bass, and weapons grade drummer, John Dillon. This is universally accepted as the band's strongest ever line-up. It comes as no surprise at all, when you examine just a modest selection of the other artistes these fellows have found time to back, and record with over the years: Bill Haley's Comets, The Jodimars, Frankie Ford, David Bowie, Heavy Shift, Robert Plant, Lulu, Brand X, Duran Duran, the Darts, Linda Gail Lewis, Sleepy La Beef, Big Al Downing, Scotty Moore, Don Lang, Otis Grand, The Big Six, Danny Williams, Carl Perkins, D.J. Fontana, The Flamingos, The Jordinaires, The Belmonts (Dion), The Spaniels, The Cleftones, The Teenagers (Frankie Lymon), Freddy Bell, Billy J Kramer and The Dakotas, Hal Singer, The Crouch End Invaders (later re-named Madness), The Big Town Playboys, Johnny Allen.... The list goes on. And the end result? Patrons are guaranteed a thrilling mix of original material, covers, and arrangements, delivered as only The Stargazers know how. Carefully selected dates across the UK, Europe and the USA in 2004 offer the opportunity to see The Stargazers in action during the build-up to their 25th anniversary year, when followers will be treated to a special programme of gigs and concerts to mark the event. Fans will also be delighted to learn that work is now underway on a brand new album.

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