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Groove Baby Groove

A much-requested album. A re-issue on the Finnish Blue Light label of the original tracks recorded for Epic between 1981 and 1983. This features the original line up of Danny, Pete, John, Ricky and Anders, with Mark Bremen replacing Pete on some tracks.

Listen to 30 second excerpts by clicking the tracks below:-


Tossin' and Turnin' Spin That 45
 Hey Marie True Love
 Swingin' Aye Rocketship to the Moon
Marcelle Mania Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
Walking That Chalk Line Jump Around
Hey There You La Rock & Roll (Quelques Uns la Lune)
Perdido-Caravan Red Light, Green Light
Groove Baby Groove Scat the Riff
Follow Your Heart Go Go Honey
Pretty Senorita  

Groove Baby Groove

This record, the Groove Baby Groove EP, is now a rare collectors' item, though it is how many people first came to notice the Stargazers. They were already "big" on the Rock 'n' Roll circuit, prime exponents of "big beat" Rock 'n' Roll, with an unrivalled reputation for authentic appearance, sound and equipment, when Muff Winwood took the bold step of signing them to Epic records for a one LP, four singles deal.

Hey Marie

For their second EP, Epic chose a cover of Louis Prima's Hey Marie. Again, this disc is a collectors'item, particularly the 10 inch version illustrated here.

Tossin' 'n' Turnin'

Tossin' 'n' Turnin' was engineered by Nicky Graham, and recorded in the Autumn of 1982, shortly after Pete had temporarily left the band. He was replaced by Mark Bremen on guitar, although the record sleeve illustrated here shows Pete on guitar.

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens

The final CBS single release was There Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens, a cover version of the popular Louis Jordan number.

Watch This Space

Watch this Space was issued towards the end of the band's time with CBS, in 1983. The album today is a valuable collectors' item. In fact, such is the demand for it that it has been issued as a pirate release in Europe.

Back in Orbit

Released in 1991. Contains brilliant new originals like "Loretta" and "Dig That Rock 'n' Roll", as well as a dynamite reworking of Bill Haley's "The Walking Beat". The band on this album is Danny (vocals), Pete (guitar), John (saxes), Chris (piano), Ricky (drums) and Tim (double bass). Ace CD Catalogue Number CDCH312. Available from Spindrift Records.  Click on the titles below.....

Crazy But True Sweet Georgia Brown
Loretta Dig That Rock'n'roll
It's Only a Paper Moon The Stargazers' Blues
Baby, Baby, Baby Crazy, Man, Crazy
Got That Beat (Every Cloud Has A) Silver Lining
The Walking Beat Feeling Happy

The Speaking Clock Says...Rock!

Same line up as "Back in Orbit", recorded in 1992. Vinyl Japan JRCD4 Available from Spindrift Records.

Go Go Honey

A tasty 10" piece of vinyl featuring a new version of "Go Go Honey", and a new song from Danny "Send me a Letter Loretta". Recorded with a new Stargazers' line up - Danny, Pete, Chris and Tim, with Gary Richardson on drums and Simon Gilby on sax. Vinyl Japan JRT7 Available from Spindrift Records.

Listen to Send Me A Letter, Loretta (complete track in lo fi)

Rock That Boogie

Twenty classic cuts from the vaults. Unissued tracks from the first generation Stargazers way back in pre-CBS days.

Vinyl Japan JRCD7 Available from Spindrift Records.

Click on the tracks below....

Rock That Boogie Tonight's The Night
Big Bad Wolf A Little Jump, A Little Swing
Hi Ho Silver Rock Lomond
Teenage Party Caldonia
Better Believe It Fat Man
I Got a Baby The Gleam In Your Eyes
Move Over Baby Time Goes By
Caravan Flying High
La Rock 'n' Roll Swingin' Aye
Rockin' Rollin' Home Rebound
  Bounce Me Brother


Froffee Coffee

Album produced by original Stargazers' drummer, Ricky Lee Brawn using vintage recording equipment for that authentic 1950's sound. Danny, Chris and Tim are on this, with the addition of Shaun O'Keeffe (drums), Jim Knowler (guitar) and Simon Gilby (sax). A varied collection of covers, originals and some comedy.

 Vinyl Japan JRCD27 Available from Spindrift Records.  Click below for 30 second samples.

Froffee Coffee What's The Matter with Music Now?
Fools Fall in Love Just a Gigolo
Swingin' on a Star Willow Weep
Oh Baby Doll Mack the Knife
County Line A Song About a Train
Milkcrate Mania Sugar and Spice

Give Me That Jive

All original songs. Features Dan, Pete, John, Chris and Tim, with Gary Richardson on drums.

Vinyl Japan JRCD37 Available from Spindrift Records.

Click on the titles below....

L.O.V.E. Let's Go Rockin' N' Rollin'
(Let Me Be) Your Dream Come True C.K. Rock
Got to Tell You Love Alphabet
Spitfire Wonderful You
Haunting Me Swingin' on a Star
The Caress You Never Came to Call
  Give Me That Jive

Bonus Tracks

Taken from the Mary Costello Show on GLR in 1991, these feature Danny, Pete, John, Chris, Tim and Ricky in supreme rocking form.... They are all around 1mb, so you'll need a broadband connection to enjoy them:

Dig That Rock 'n' Roll

Florida Twist


True Love

Unless you were tuned into GLR Radio on that Saturday back in 1991, you will never have heard these tracks before!